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815 02:0710 months ago

Yeah... You have a pleasant day as well. (I'm at my day job as well)

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Tuhn 10 months ago
Who meddled with her fvcking face?
Vudoramar 10 months ago
MY English is poor?
JoJomuro 10 months ago
there must be much better available!!!
Majas 9 months ago
I have several WDC's...
Mezibei 9 months ago
I have faith in true American patriotism
Malagrel 9 months ago
Ha! Keep it up!
Maucage 9 months ago
Win in the loosest definition of the word.
Malamuro 8 months ago
I had an Italian ice earlier. Does that count??
Durg 8 months ago
I did elsewhere here it is again.
Faulkis 8 months ago
Never been pegged for a centrist.but maybe.
Daisar 8 months ago
Academia is the problem. They don't teach history.
Goltirr 8 months ago
I apologize for hurting your feelings.
Tohn 7 months ago
Absolutely. That was my first thought.
Voodook 7 months ago
Why would Jesus be unexplained by science?}
Sakasa 7 months ago
It has pictures for the bigger words
Tauzshura 7 months ago
And? Why not tell me what you really mean?
Nebei 6 months ago
See the 12th Amendment.

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