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390 05:0010 months ago

Why do you think a majority of kids would go through that?

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Tasida 10 months ago
Clone Wars (Star Wars)
Dait 10 months ago
One must deal with two facts:
Vudoshura 10 months ago
google him and Tesla!
Merr 9 months ago
But see, dictators don't generally last long.
JoJokora 9 months ago
Hate freedom? Seems so.
Gosar 9 months ago
As if Obama was socialist and not capitalist.
Fauzshura 9 months ago
Who flagged it? Some anti-Trump moslem no doubt.
Daikus 9 months ago
Then show him to us.
Kazikus 9 months ago
Adam Lanza did beyond any reasonable doubt.
Zolozil 9 months ago
Pay for their hospital visits?
Faugul 9 months ago
You have faulty reasoning.

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