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157 06:044 months ago

I just busted them plagiarizing a Christian apologetics site above. It's always fun to watch them shoot themselves in the foot.

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Takasa 4 months ago
Maybe Stormy 'honored' him first ;-)
Voodoogami 4 months ago
Need measurements for the tailor.
Mikaran 4 months ago
So not the same .
Grokazahn 4 months ago
Why should anyone be allowed to impose immoral laws?
Bahn 4 months ago
Then why did you attend this church you described?
Tojakazahn 4 months ago
Then what is a fetus?
Shakazshura 4 months ago
Overly generalized arguments are also fallacious.
Shaktigrel 4 months ago
true, you are correct, thank you
Nikodal 3 months ago
Arent all boys born with undescended testicles?
Kazragar 3 months ago
At least it wasn't Grandpa !!!!
Zulkilabar 3 months ago
She will answer my tag eventually, she always does.
Jugis 3 months ago
What i love kids?;pp
Tosida 2 months ago
This one is a major flirt.
Kagarr 2 months ago
can you please show the evidence
Bragrel 2 months ago
No, it really isn't. I wish it were.
Gugami 2 months ago
People who won't engage in these silly protests.
Kegis 1 month ago
So very horribly wrong. LOL!
Kajilar 1 month ago
Is the remake any good?
Goltilmaran 1 month ago
You've written children's stories? That's wonderful!??
Nigami 1 month ago
The main stream media is !! 92% negative !
Kigagar 1 month ago
Response to your attack bothers you?
Grolabar 1 month ago
indeed ........I have all qualities...hahaha
Tolabar 1 month ago
So says the criminals
Sagrel 3 weeks ago
Lets review shall we?
Shakagrel 3 weeks ago
Wilkos with a too small cardigan?
Aragis 2 weeks ago
She sounds like fun...

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