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A kiss, hug hello and good bye is ok but anything else is tacky.

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Voodookus 8 months ago
Yep. And we get to fund their crusade.
Taugar 8 months ago
They can be very similar .
Malagore 7 months ago
Care to describe the ideology of disbelief?
Kenos 7 months ago
Kill all three of them.
Kajilkis 7 months ago
May I use emojis?
Jugal 7 months ago
The most "cheesy" action film is "Roadhouse".
Goshakar 6 months ago
Some people say so is Catholicism,their nuts too.
Nejora 6 months ago
Sweet JC, This is ridiculous.
Doran 6 months ago
I'll sell you chapstick?.we'll make a fortune....xD
Mami 6 months ago
Hard work hitting that upvote button huh? Lol
Fenridal 6 months ago
Go Bernie, darling! Go Bernie! Gotta go tweet!??????????
Tuzuru 5 months ago
Defend misgendering people some more.
Mikat 5 months ago
No, this is actually the first time.

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