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264 06:028 months ago

I am pro choice, it?s up to the pregnant woman to decide, if that?s her choice to abort, I have zero problem with her choice.

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Zulkizil 8 months ago
It would be charged as 2nd degree murder.
Voodoolrajas 8 months ago
Learn how God regenerates lost limbs.
Mot 8 months ago
That's according to your interpretation.
Tojalrajas 7 months ago
Fair enough.I confused you with the other dude. Peace.
Mesida 7 months ago
LMFAO go soak your head.
Dozuru 7 months ago
Yes they do.. You have a great day dear
Yozshumi 7 months ago
That horrible liberal agenda of teaching kids to read!
Kagajora 6 months ago
You mean the Late Pastor Fred Phelps.

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