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264 06:0210 months ago

I am pro choice, it?s up to the pregnant woman to decide, if that?s her choice to abort, I have zero problem with her choice.

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Zulkizil 10 months ago
It would be charged as 2nd degree murder.
Voodoolrajas 10 months ago
Learn how God regenerates lost limbs.
Mot 10 months ago
That's according to your interpretation.
Tojalrajas 9 months ago
Fair enough.I confused you with the other dude. Peace.
Mesida 9 months ago
LMFAO go soak your head.
Dozuru 9 months ago
Yes they do.. You have a great day dear
Yozshumi 9 months ago
That horrible liberal agenda of teaching kids to read!
Kagajora 8 months ago
You mean the Late Pastor Fred Phelps.

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