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993 11:3110 months ago

i'm reminded of gavin newsom, the calif. gov. candidate who slept with his best friend's wife.

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Ketaxe 10 months ago
Healthy Junk Food makes some pretty good stuff.
Akiran 10 months ago
Wow. You really don't have a clue. E= MC2
Dom 9 months ago
Trump's" Friends and Family Plan" pays dividends again!
Mulkree 9 months ago
I agree with that.
Mezinris 9 months ago
Sounds like a good idea ??
Kigajinn 9 months ago
Yes it is the truth, thank you
Zuluktilar 9 months ago
Obama didn't need any approval.
Mukora 9 months ago
What? Do you have a built-in depth gauge?
Kagazragore 9 months ago
U.S. Constitution: Article II, section 1
Met 9 months ago
This one is better.
Jumuro 8 months ago
You do wonderful threads Rita, I appreciate your work.
Fekasa 8 months ago
Again with the ad homenim.
Negal 8 months ago
Can I take a break for lunch now?
Dotaxe 8 months ago
Still homophobic I see.
Ferisar 8 months ago
You would not recognize substance to a debate.

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