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315 20:243 months ago

Ya got Nothing huh??? How about Using your Brain to Disprove or Debate what I wrote?? You cant... It would expose a very Painful Truth about Rural America and Conservatism

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Mezitilar 3 months ago
Your attack on me is unwarranted.
Tojabar 3 months ago
Merriam-Webster is creative definitions? Liars lie.
Tusar 3 months ago
At least you weren't insulted.
Malazragore 3 months ago
I'm curious, what is your stance on this exactly?
Gror 2 months ago
Yes, I believe it has a purpose.
Zulutaxe 2 months ago
Nenshi has that earmarked for the Olympics.
Gubei 2 months ago
Loss of a sponsor?
Shaktigrel 2 months ago
Can't do it - too much onanism. :)
Faur 2 months ago
Good. I am one and work in a bar.
Kazrak 2 months ago
Only because you seem to be hard of writing.
Dogal 1 month ago
Spanking season is year round ??
Samuktilar 1 month ago
Good, as it should.
Mijora 1 month ago
Genesis 2:24 English Standard Version (ESV)
Arashimuro 1 month ago
Abd people deny the Holocaust. Are you one?
Vukora 1 month ago
Was not sweeping enough, obviously.
Tygogore 4 weeks ago
Jeff was the racist.
Gole 4 weeks ago
Nope, and don't need to be.
Arashikree 3 weeks ago
Sure, they call them phlebotomists.
Goltijind 2 weeks ago
So what did he do?

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