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909 28:039 months ago

Pruitt's replacement - Wheeler - is also facing fraud investigations. Seems a characteristic of Anyone in the trump administration: However they may have started, they all end up being frauds and pathological liars, just like trump.

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Negis 9 months ago
AMEN and AMEN Blessed Child of GOD.
Mukree 9 months ago
Deflect much there guy?
Tumuro 9 months ago
Boooo! You're doing it wrong Cam!
Vudolrajas 9 months ago
Acosta wants his own show.
Dikus 8 months ago
everything I said was true.
Zulkirn 8 months ago
Here's a couple. Enjoy!
Zushakar 8 months ago
Oh darn it! Now you made me think!
Brarn 8 months ago
Nothing to lose, everything to gain.
Grorr 8 months ago
Sure, "God" is real. Absolutely!
Faejar 8 months ago
Not really, RANDY; please read slowly:
Moramar 8 months ago
I had an Italian ice earlier. Does that count??
Vigar 7 months ago
whataboutism does nothing for me
Fezil 7 months ago
Which story? Or both?
Nesho 7 months ago
Wow, look at all those buzzwords.
Brakus 7 months ago
Does Iran have a working economy anymore?
Shakasa 7 months ago
He edited out the first two definitions!
Dirisar 7 months ago
Is the flooding in Toronto normal, for Toronto?
Mezit 6 months ago
My response is above.
Vudal 6 months ago
I was blaming them for preventing bail reform.
Kajisho 6 months ago
He's not on the job. Big difference.
Nigami 6 months ago
Stick to things you know, like Canadians.
Fenrizuru 6 months ago
Harm who? The victims?
Akinorisar 5 months ago
So you want to shut down CNN?
Dogrel 5 months ago
Seth Rich was murdered.
JoJojin 5 months ago
How about their literary value as fiction and myth?
Shakazuru 5 months ago
So, where did this take place?

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