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550 15:0710 months ago

read The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales by Bruno Bettelheim

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Taukinos 10 months ago
Exactly, can't we photoshop her?
Dukazahn 10 months ago
Try Calabogie Brewing Company's Summer Solstice and Front Porch.
Mezishakar 10 months ago
Something has to know the traits they possess.
Gurisar 10 months ago
Aww James. She?s gone. In Heaven floating around :)
Dotaxe 10 months ago
Which specific quote? All?
Zologami 10 months ago
So what else is new? Just another redneck idiot.
Brahn 9 months ago
Social-ist media...coming for YOU next!
Kazik 9 months ago
Maybe we're all wrong.
Brakinos 9 months ago
Go back to NNU. Banned ITOWCHATT
Mikagami 9 months ago
That was the best thing he ever did.
Zulkijinn 8 months ago
Post this Gif to him and he will understand..
Zolokus 8 months ago
Depends on the time of the month I guess.
Nam 8 months ago
We meeting Jazz first
Kitaur 8 months ago
There will be more dead over this you watch.
Mikalmaran 8 months ago
People who write posts like yours are simply pathetic.
Arashilabar 8 months ago
Soldiers lives matter less?
Nikozahn 8 months ago
Is that what I think it is?
Kagalkree 7 months ago
Oh I could accept printing non-working guns as well.
Tojabar 7 months ago
It is the null hypothesis, it's scientific.
Goran 7 months ago
I give straight answers.
Migore 7 months ago
Hey, Don Jr. Here comes your bus.

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