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932 08:486 months ago

The same right that gave the previous inhabitants the right to live here ... conquest.

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Volkis 6 months ago
Communism Socialism Democratic Socialism Social Democracy.
Shakajinn 6 months ago
I suspect my sarcasm was lost in translation.
Ketaxe 5 months ago
is this a joke?
Dugis 5 months ago
Barros Serrano....... thats a good point!
Kigale 5 months ago
yes and its is very arbitrary and biased.
Kazijas 5 months ago
That is not true
Sagrel 5 months ago
Oh, don't worry. I'm about to do just that.
Zuzil 5 months ago
Wisely done. Happy Birthday !
Marr 4 months ago
Treason is a stretch. Immature? Mistake? Yes. Treason? No!
Taurisar 4 months ago
I was thinking the same about the judge?s conduct.
Gatilar 4 months ago
Yes. Dumb question.Nice straw-man.
Fenrirg 4 months ago
Logic is not your strongest thing, is it?

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