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66 11:336 months ago

Got me, but he sure does have a huge joint! :-)

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Tek 6 months ago
The obvious problem for anyone is this.
Mizilkree 6 months ago
We don't know diddly about an afterlife.
Nikolmaran 6 months ago
What makes you believe they were experts in Christianity?
Didal 6 months ago
Not an opinion, the accurate definition.
Shaktirg 6 months ago
Goodbye you rightist sucker.....Bwawawawawawawawawawa
Brashura 5 months ago
Afternoon lass, how's things?
Migami 5 months ago
I would charge more..........
Fenriktilar 5 months ago
Hate speech isn?t Free speech, Alex !
Shazshura 5 months ago
Ancient knowledge of the cosmos surpasses modern acedemia.
Misar 5 months ago
....and at school, too.
Gagar 5 months ago
i kno right :D
Faull 4 months ago
Who? Me? LoL What did I miss? Haha

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