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738 03:008 months ago

I?m messing with ya... I prefer them separated but they get all mushed up in burgers and sometimes I mix it up with fries.

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Braramar 8 months ago
Have you got change for two Gods?
Banos 8 months ago
No, that is how your hero does it.
Kisho 8 months ago
Only YOU could come up with that comment! Hilarious!
Mikahn 7 months ago
Johanon is special. He's proud of his ignorance.
Vozuru 7 months ago
Please furnish a cite for:
Kajiran 7 months ago
He would defend the mixed race bans too
Dolar 6 months ago
Whoa whoa whoa, leave politics out! *pout*
Nelkis 6 months ago
Best to just eat sausage, not argue with it.
Kagashicage 6 months ago
More likely he was involved with Mary Magdalene.
Arashijas 6 months ago
Mocking you is exactly what makes me hilarious.
Teshicage 6 months ago
Again, so? What's the bad thing here?
Gukus 6 months ago
Often our battles are chosen for us.

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