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I don't doubt you believe. You just do so without any evidence. It's call faith because it is belief without evidence.

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Megal 10 months ago
I think he did privately though. He recused himself.
Taunris 10 months ago
I?ve always thought that too
Mijora 10 months ago
It?s part of it, I know! Lmao!
Mogor 9 months ago
To be fair, libtards aren't all that clever.
Dojas 9 months ago
Smash means sex not actually smash ??
Gardarr 9 months ago
Wasn't that a result of him being attacked?
Mikree 9 months ago
You're such a mystery.
Mikaramar 9 months ago
So I heard ferd was dying. True or no?
Brasar 8 months ago
Too nice of a view.
Shajar 8 months ago
Epic sh*ts require two flushes.
Duzshura 8 months ago
Is this a Qanon chat.

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