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As a rule, historians don't render verdicts about the supernatural. So, it is simply incorrect to claim that the facts have never convinced historians that there was something supernatural about Jesus. Many historians do believe there was indeed something supernatural about Jesus, but they don't say so

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Kazrakora 10 months ago
More of the same.
Shakar 10 months ago
I doubt anyone wouldn't be a failure at that.
Zuluktilar 10 months ago
Exactly, so it could be worth anything!
Sasho 10 months ago
"This conversation confuses the Judaic Old Testament with Christianity."
Volkree 10 months ago
?Am?a?z?in?g..?. I?m s?o w?et
Voodoogore 10 months ago
I'm the one being provoked but I will stop.
Moran 9 months ago
Thanks for the welcome.....
Kazikora 9 months ago
no. you can kill innocent animals then..
Samuran 9 months ago
As opposed to normal, sl*tty-like women? ??
Kizuru 9 months ago
Apparently you can't read.
Kelrajas 9 months ago
Agree...good gig if you can get it.
Dour 9 months ago
No, they don?t. Not possible.
Shalkree 8 months ago
If we're talking at the box office, Marvel....
Zull 8 months ago
The death certificate states to the contrary.
Gogul 8 months ago
You're moving the goal post all over the place.
Dugis 8 months ago
Why would I want to?
Gardanos 8 months ago
Changes potentially accumulate in each generation.
Mukus 8 months ago
The same reason we all condemn the kkk ..
Samukasa 8 months ago
You have? Where?! ??
Feran 8 months ago
...You are taking about upvoting...right!??

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