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441 07:0010 months ago

Yes i invented it Wonk, but as a scientist i have tried to point out your delusions and help you but you remain the same. Just take comfort that whatever is happening to theclimate it is nature not man.

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Maugrel 10 months ago
lol, that is funny, yes I can a little
Mijin 10 months ago
Just give th effing source of this report.
Brarisar 10 months ago
Unless you're wrong about all of that.
Dounos 9 months ago
LOL any more jokes today ?
Vohn 9 months ago
The post is full of gamma tells.
Voshicage 9 months ago
Try these. My favourites
Nikogar 9 months ago
Why do you insult?
Guzilkree 9 months ago
That's just another bogus man-made belief system.
Kektilar 9 months ago
Virgin birth is easily disproved.
Kazilkis 8 months ago
Voter ID prevents just one form of fraud.
Mashura 8 months ago
Let's begin with the facts.
Dira 8 months ago
Ditto 2 dogs in your house right ?
Kigadal 8 months ago
Ancient barbaric cult. Still alive in the 21st century.
Dotaur 8 months ago
Why would there be a "turn around"?

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