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866 11:596 months ago

I had to look this up and found it. It is actually a few years old. It has to do with insurance coverage for contraceptives for employees.

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Voodootilar 6 months ago
yawn....sorry, I stopped paying attention to your drivel.
Gonos 6 months ago
To what current actions are you referring?
Kishicage 6 months ago
One side denies the facts. Not both.
Kagarn 6 months ago
we?re going to the charlie party!
Tashura 5 months ago
Is Groothuis a Presuppositionalist?
Grodal 5 months ago
Is your plethora showing, or your acumen?
Galar 5 months ago
What if they are sniches ? :P
JoJokazahn 5 months ago
grammar check. the sentence should read...
Vurisar 5 months ago
Why does he seem to be wearing a cassock?
Megami 4 months ago
You aren't the only one!
Kigashura 4 months ago
I wonder what "Q" means in Russian?
Zoloktilar 4 months ago
Nope. There are claims though.
Kaziktilar 4 months ago
Help! Help! I'm being repressed!
Kigalrajas 4 months ago
So close no matter how far.....
Dozshura 4 months ago
what is the point of the Bible.
Tautilar 4 months ago
I didnt say I wanted the cheapest.
Tozuru 3 months ago
Everyone knows That David Koresh was really Jesus .....
Didal 3 months ago
innovations always treated badly.
Gushakar 3 months ago
I would consider this individual a neo-nutsy.
Arashilkis 3 months ago
Wow that's hardcore, but still appropriate in this case.
Zulkigami 3 months ago
The term ?renewable energy? is a deceptive term
Murg 3 months ago
Leviticus no longer applies.
Vudolkree 3 months ago
So no NGOs should be taxed?
Meztikinos 3 months ago
I am here. Keep them coming Madam.
Vokinos 2 months ago
Buy a lot land is a good investment.
Mazulmaran 2 months ago
If here then yes
Galabar 2 months ago
Greatest country on the planet.
Kajiktilar 2 months ago
Post this Gif to him and he will understand..
Vudora 2 months ago
Purple head? Did you choke it???

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