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215 19:2310 months ago

Ya, I get what you're saying. The best we can do sometimes is try to warn people.

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Faelmaran 10 months ago
as long as they're borderline abusive then idc
Netaur 10 months ago
Play the Doubting Thomas if you will.
Grosar 10 months ago
More scumpuckerry from the Rump buttlickers.
Kishura 10 months ago
I would be too :)
Yorr 9 months ago
Oh really? Ever hear of Donald J Trump?
Mazujinn 9 months ago
I cant believe I missed this thread.
Faugore 9 months ago
It could be worse--- maybe not! haha
Brall 9 months ago
Lol no it's a joke... Ask Raymundo
Goltimuro 8 months ago
I like Marvel better!
Mikagor 8 months ago
Thank you absolut clancy!
Sanos 8 months ago
In a galaxy far, far away
Gutaxe 8 months ago
You got schooled. Stop embarrassing yourself.
Mazuhn 8 months ago
Easily. How could you NOT dismiss them?
Kazrakree 7 months ago
Please check above comments.
Bakus 7 months ago
You can't support your claim. Not my fault.
Mektilar 7 months ago
Obama did but Trump is getting the blame
Zolonris 7 months ago
You're not supposed to edit threads Mike.
Mezigami 7 months ago
Why are you simpletons so easily insulted?
Dugar 7 months ago
Im not blocked ??
Mikazshura 7 months ago
That's nice .. I'm from India
Kakora 6 months ago
He could not write they say.
Taumuro 6 months ago
gg pulled the thread.
Mazujora 6 months ago
You aren't representing your side well.
Vulkree 6 months ago
I don't approve of christianity.
Mazura 5 months ago
.....Look this big because of those tiny tiny hands.
Vugar 5 months ago
I pretty much agree with you on that one.
Mak 5 months ago
No you are not, that I promise.

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