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215 19:236 months ago

Ya, I get what you're saying. The best we can do sometimes is try to warn people.

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Faelmaran 6 months ago
as long as they're borderline abusive then idc
Netaur 6 months ago
Play the Doubting Thomas if you will.
Grosar 6 months ago
More scumpuckerry from the Rump buttlickers.
Kishura 6 months ago
I would be too :)
Yorr 5 months ago
Oh really? Ever hear of Donald J Trump?
Mazujinn 5 months ago
I cant believe I missed this thread.
Faugore 5 months ago
It could be worse--- maybe not! haha
Brall 5 months ago
Lol no it's a joke... Ask Raymundo
Goltimuro 4 months ago
I like Marvel better!
Mikagor 4 months ago
Thank you absolut clancy!
Sanos 4 months ago
In a galaxy far, far away
Gutaxe 4 months ago
You got schooled. Stop embarrassing yourself.
Mazuhn 4 months ago
Easily. How could you NOT dismiss them?
Kazrakree 3 months ago
Please check above comments.
Bakus 3 months ago
You can't support your claim. Not my fault.
Mektilar 3 months ago
Obama did but Trump is getting the blame
Zolonris 3 months ago
You're not supposed to edit threads Mike.
Mezigami 3 months ago
Why are you simpletons so easily insulted?
Dugar 3 months ago
Im not blocked ??
Mikazshura 2 months ago
That's nice .. I'm from India
Kakora 2 months ago
He could not write they say.
Taumuro 2 months ago
gg pulled the thread.
Mazujora 2 months ago
You aren't representing your side well.
Vulkree 2 months ago
I don't approve of christianity.
Mazura 1 month ago
.....Look this big because of those tiny tiny hands.
Vugar 1 month ago
I pretty much agree with you on that one.
Mak 1 month ago
No you are not, that I promise.

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