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Not just the erroneously false belief, but the mocking that goes with it. It is very distasteful and insulting.

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Dole 10 months ago
Apparently, enough to satisfy the demand.
Shakahn 10 months ago
And where are you going when you die?
Dutaur 10 months ago
muslims are woman beaters because it is true?
Maujin 10 months ago
LOL. Learn to check facts.
Akirr 10 months ago
And how?s the back looking?
Mazugami 10 months ago
-you got me! hahaha
Mikataxe 9 months ago
Should the guy be crazier about the woman?
Mum 9 months ago
How do you know?
Tashura 9 months ago
Your claim, your burden of proof...
Tauhn 9 months ago
If your certifiable, you should not holding.
Mazuk 9 months ago
nope I just learn your reply
Dijas 9 months ago
Japan has massive issues.
Taunos 9 months ago
Every security agency in the US disagrees.
Mazilkree 8 months ago
You said, fantasy again.
Daigami 8 months ago
What was the disease he died of?
Arar 8 months ago
in what way did he lie?
Nabei 8 months ago
Why should anyone be allowed to impose immoral laws?
Nizilkree 8 months ago
Adding a quiet smile
Tazragore 7 months ago
Wow. Baiting. How original.
Brabei 7 months ago
"It is false until proven"
Gashakar 7 months ago
"a result of humanity's rebellion"
Samunos 7 months ago
So cool, a bouncing, escapist i dot!
Vorr 6 months ago
You still can't get your mind around that?
Kashicage 6 months ago
? I deleted it....?
Tugar 6 months ago
Don't be silly wrap your Willy.
Mezikus 6 months ago
Yikes, good one Clyde....and soooo appropriate!
Madal 6 months ago
Anybody reading this debate would be laughing at you.
Kazit 6 months ago
Sad but true. Upstate isn't as bad.
Sharr 5 months ago
He is still on LS??
Kern 5 months ago
Ah. Wow. You actually used ?white guy.? Again,

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