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581 06:1110 months ago

Yeah, I wasn?t sure where they got that. It seemed a bit low. Thanks.

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Grozilkree 10 months ago
Maybe I'm a degenerate but I love this stuff.
Malagor 10 months ago
You dirty pack of animals, go and Fuck off.
Samusar 10 months ago
speculation being the key word there.
Dainos 10 months ago
when you alter your body, do you change personally?
Jurr 9 months ago
Cya April, don't work too hard ^-^
Gardazragore 9 months ago
It is still insincere.
Nazshura 9 months ago
"Republicans tried to but were obstructed by Democrats"
Mishicage 9 months ago
I think you're playing with yourself.
Akitaur 9 months ago
An immature child looking for approval from adults.
Douzilkree 8 months ago
-"You never take confession. Why?"
Turisar 8 months ago
And yet the Christian can't seek profits.
Gakree 8 months ago
Show me where Jesus said that in the Bible?
Tojabar 8 months ago
Take your filthy Happy Meal back to America.
Kikree 8 months ago
I'm looking for examples of him asking for money.
Shabar 7 months ago
re: Okay. Adoption is not a wedding cake.
Vilmaran 7 months ago
absolutely. you make my point.
Tygogul 7 months ago
Ja jag gillar det ocksa.
Kashicage 7 months ago
maybe the idiots will vote for them instead.
Zuran 7 months ago
You changed what I wrote. Completely.
Faelabar 6 months ago
Sure. Which close studies ?
Magul 6 months ago
Yes I saw thanks
Tull 6 months ago
So if I can. Why shouldn't I?
Aranos 6 months ago
And you torture and kill others by your comedy.
Dailkis 6 months ago
not really. personally yes.

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