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404 30:3710 months ago

lol I think that it's supposed to show of the henna tat.

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Gunris 10 months ago
Humanity is not at risk in the story.
Zurr 10 months ago
Are you a mod of this channel?
Vudokree 10 months ago
I had a fortune cookie that said this once.
Voodoojinn 10 months ago
He does not sound very churchy
Mikak 9 months ago
Where does Genesis mention Original Sin ?
Vudokazahn 9 months ago
I take it that this is satire.
Bagor 9 months ago
I love you, GG Gumdrop.
Gosar 9 months ago
Okay? Where did I claim otherwise? I'll wait.
Brahn 9 months ago
I?m sure you?ll meet plenty of great people here
Bagore 9 months ago
I'm looking for context for that phrase from Obama.
Kajirr 8 months ago
Its obvious why they do. It's not rocket science.
Mozragore 8 months ago
She really is demented.
Yojinn 8 months ago
I've given sources. Where are yours supporting your argument?
Muramar 8 months ago
What are you referencing me to here?
Kagazuru 8 months ago
Did you see this one?
Maulabar 8 months ago
The point is, it HAPPENS NATURALLY.
Doujora 8 months ago
Starfish worship The True God, for their limbs regrow
Sagis 7 months ago
smh shaking my head
Zum 7 months ago
I think you're dismissing a lot of evidence.
Sanris 7 months ago
Because they?re carbon dioxide producers.
Vozahn 7 months ago
I'm still waiting, coward.
Sagul 6 months ago
Do you have a more convincing hypothesis?
Nahn 6 months ago
Science is NOT about ?consensus, and never has been.
Tushicage 6 months ago
I did. Found none.

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