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768 10:365 months ago

I?ve harbored the insight that Madison was key in guiding things at the Constitutional Convention, though I forget exactly how at this point. Around here my attempts at second hand research to assess the nature of Deist Christianity had me comparing TJ, Hamilton, and Paine, although I recall touching on Franklin?s crediting a book written by a Minister, among other touches.

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Yozshuzil 4 months ago
Nope, but forced sobriety might kill them yet.
Shaktiktilar 4 months ago
Dirt nap - luv it
Arashira 4 months ago
It?s part of it, I know! Lmao!
Zulukree 4 months ago
It's always been there. :-)
Taugul 4 months ago
1. The Federalist. LOL
Kagaktilar 3 months ago
You arrive at that how?
Nalar 3 months ago
That seems more spin than anything
Yonris 3 months ago
Another non-medical professional giving their professional medical opinion....yawn
Mazuzuru 2 months ago
Nah, he's just plain nuts
Terisar 2 months ago
I am an atheist. Not an antitheist.
Daigal 2 months ago
Ah! Those are indeed

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