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Paul, what about living a life of sin? Do you look at porn, have unforgiveness towards others or have anger issues? Is it okay to call yourself a Christian & live in sin as the world does?

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Yonos 8 months ago
um, so is the one i posted.
Vudogrel 8 months ago
Okay. Most of us don't live in the South.
Tamuro 8 months ago
Good observation my friend!
Vilkree 8 months ago
Welp boys, back to the drawing board...
Yotaxe 8 months ago
Then why doesn't it happen at all? Serious question.
Fenrizshura 7 months ago
What Christian does that?
Voodoogul 7 months ago
1 Kings 17:17-22 your soul is you.
Tule 7 months ago
Are even more ridiculous claims supposed to scare me?
Tajinn 7 months ago
we know YOU are the BULLSHITTER
Sajinn 6 months ago
The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
Faugor 6 months ago
Best analogy I've read so far.
Vokinos 6 months ago
Still waiting for dark resurrection at the box office.
Fenrikree 6 months ago
Glad you didn't cause scandal haha
Gugami 6 months ago
It is institutionalized on the left.
Tugal 5 months ago
Von Haessler Doctrine....nice try though bud.
Mumi 5 months ago
Consent to sex is.not subsequently consent to pregnancy.
Kinris 5 months ago
Dating is a disaster I hear. People are nuts
Tojakora 5 months ago
The translation I quoted is ESV (
Dijar 5 months ago
Great! I'm in home at a time
Mikakus 5 months ago
I've already covered this.
Vuk 4 months ago
That Left play is long gone
Maukus 4 months ago
I'm very sorry to hear that
Mikinos 4 months ago
Do you consider that a good or bad thing?
Akinotilar 4 months ago
But it is funny. :-)
Mezidal 4 months ago
Now you're cookin'! ?
Zulkirn 3 months ago
They should nick name me the thread jumper
Goltiktilar 3 months ago
Have you never heard of gigolos ?
Garisar 3 months ago
Trump's base is getting uppity.

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