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345 04:488 months ago

So it is reasonable for conservative Christians to hate people who want to use legislation to effect changes which runs counter to their Christian value systems?

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Zolotilar 8 months ago
If the shoe fits, sock.
Moogule 8 months ago
Where?s your source saying those are liberals?
Kagacage 8 months ago
a person of many talents-- you shall go far
Gudal 8 months ago
Since when was Russia left wing?
Arashisho 7 months ago
No, you're not messing it up.
Gardamuro 7 months ago
that's the agnostic part of Apistevistic agnostic Erisian pantheist.
Gugal 7 months ago
...or Sexy Saturday, you can type ass.
Tojalmaran 7 months ago
Ad no misunderstandingd ?
Tajind 7 months ago
So how do you judge her holiness .
Guktilar 7 months ago
I have iver 15k rounds in my home.
Nalabar 6 months ago
Hey Toad how are you
Yozshugrel 6 months ago
Abolitionists and slavers both.
Zulkitaur 6 months ago
They have such cool pics for this quiz
Vulabar 6 months ago
Get him ann. :D
Nikocage 6 months ago
Debates about school& Christmaas stated 2013 intensified each year
Bramuro 5 months ago
Are you just finding that out? ??????
Moogulrajas 5 months ago
Quote precisely where you think it mentions a god.
Fenrishicage 5 months ago
Thanks so much Jim!
Tojakasa 5 months ago
Those are TWO related sentences.
Kashura 5 months ago
Can you find me?
Zulushicage 4 months ago
God is not for sale. Faith is free.
Ferisar 4 months ago
So you will be happy with #Calexit.
Tojakora 4 months ago
Is it too much to ask for a source?citation?
Fenrigami 4 months ago
I got 1 year, 6 months and 5 days
Kigarg 4 months ago
Pets have it for a good owner.
Mikajora 4 months ago
Debbie Does Dallas? Oops...wrong kind of action!!!!
Shakarn 4 months ago
hahahahaha take it easy
Vojora 3 months ago
Gotta love those mountains!

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