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598 09:1311 months ago

Been married 28 years, still happy, still strong and no god or religion involved or ever needed.

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Fenrile 11 months ago
Only if they stopped engaging in aberrant sexual practices.
Tell 11 months ago
then atheists cannot be moral.
Mizahn 11 months ago
So what does it matter then??
Dolkis 11 months ago
Transgender people are NOT the threat, people!
Mikazil 11 months ago
Wasn't the answer I was expecting
JoJokora 11 months ago
Alternative headline "Muslims hassled by Douchenozzles"
Mazulrajas 11 months ago
I don't think so. .
Douzil 10 months ago
Yes for you it certainly would.
Kazrakasa 10 months ago
Vic, focus. I have no religion.
Dara 10 months ago
I'm in the US.
Nigore 10 months ago
...or Sexy Saturday, you can type ass.
Fenrizahn 9 months ago
spirits? What the heck is that?
Zulkinos 9 months ago
Of course not. I am successful.
Magami 9 months ago
So infertile couples are immoral?
Babei 9 months ago
Trump sure showed them who's boss! lol

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