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951 10:416 months ago

We pay enough in taxes that ALL school meals should be free. We somehow manage to provide prison inmates with 3 hots a day... and we can't provide just breakfast and lunch for our school children?

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Salmaran 6 months ago
Why are you here if you don't like it?
Kazrajind 6 months ago
Really the first thing?
Tezuru 6 months ago
first time for everything, stay tuned
Zull 6 months ago
I got you fixed as a HIPPIE.
Zulujind 6 months ago
Cool! iron man is Bada$$
Talar 6 months ago
Sorry that it happened to you.
Mozragore 5 months ago
I?m fineee thank you love how are you??
Gabar 5 months ago
Two more words Rob's dead.

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