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195 18:247 months ago

So.they have children. They're parents. I fail to see how I was wrong.

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Digal 7 months ago
He is not a 100% wrong on this.
Dotaur 7 months ago
What a woman I will never meet ??
JoJorisar 7 months ago
Yes, it's a lie.
Arakinos 6 months ago
Wonderful idea! You win the Internet today!
Kigakinos 6 months ago
Agnostic leaning Christian 3 (Libertarian USA
Zulkijind 6 months ago
Or, the vitriol Atheists have towards theists.
Kidal 6 months ago
Hey, They have the same taste.......Only Porno Stars.......
Moogumuro 5 months ago
Brilliant move by the Trump Administration
Samular 5 months ago
Hey Debi did you get a good rest
Kagaran 5 months ago
"Only if they are white." -trumpers
Tasida 5 months ago
Sooo you believe the web site
Vijinn 5 months ago
You're welcome to supply a logic-based argument against mine.
Dikree 5 months ago
And no proof for anything laid out, hence worthless.
Arashitilar 4 months ago
Ignorantly said. Well done.
Ganos 4 months ago
1. Because one told me directly.
Kitaur 4 months ago
The new covenant ??
Taurr 4 months ago
Nobody claimed gender dysphoria and BIID were related.
Vudojind 4 months ago
So she's a bit of a spaz. So?
Shakall 4 months ago
hahahah music lover :D
Kajikora 3 months ago
I hope that's not you......
Najind 3 months ago
He's best friends with Charles Barkley.
Nijas 3 months ago
Did you catch my up vote?
Meztile 3 months ago
Thanks. I've moved on.
Daizil 3 months ago
Brave soldier and leader.
Tygoshicage 2 months ago
he said - around the dick in his mouth.
JoJojora 2 months ago
That's not a qualifier for being empathetic.
Ditilar 2 months ago
The president doesn?t write laws or decide their merits.
Tojara 2 months ago
The pitcher on that one Lol
Morn 2 months ago
Following God isn't hateful, its real love.

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