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Muslims who reject Koran, Hadith or Sira are called apostates. They stop being Muslims and thus have no role in changing Islam. And whatever your hopes for the future, currently Islam is what it is: a violent totalitarian ideology. Not all (and probably majority Muslims follow it in full, but this doesn't change anything, Sharia is on the rise all over the world.

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Kazimi 11 months ago
Some would say that was made up.
Salmaran 11 months ago
To you, it makes no sense.
Tejar 11 months ago
They are saying her fear is irrational.
Tukora 10 months ago
Hm. How many sons did Michal have?
Tosho 10 months ago
Please refrain from the cross-channel bashing.
Dougrel 10 months ago
It's an op-ed about old news.
Goltikus 10 months ago
Tojin 9 months ago
Atheists are hostile because they don't know Love.
Arashizahn 9 months ago
Minors want to change there names.
Faut 9 months ago
Lordy lordy, you got that right.
Gashura 9 months ago
Have any of them attempted to sacrifice you yet?
Nikogul 9 months ago
Yeah, right. I know the trope.
Kesar 9 months ago
And yet it's not.
Micage 9 months ago
I have. I ask again.
Voodookree 8 months ago
What made you think that ?
Dara 8 months ago
Yes entirely nonsense, of course.
Kazitaxe 8 months ago
Different people at different times. Care to explain how
Sharan 8 months ago
The Quakers didn't own slaves. Neither did the Puritans.
Brazshura 8 months ago
Mostly war stories, historical people & stuff.
Kazilkree 7 months ago
Why would God need a wife?
Aramuro 7 months ago
Because Disqus is dying.
Nikogrel 7 months ago
five-thirty-eight had Hillary winning in a landslide.
Shagal 7 months ago
Atleast you didn't say no..
Gardagrel 7 months ago
Excellent OP - Cedric OS ??????? -
Dozahn 6 months ago
he still trusted Him.
Dashura 6 months ago
lol who you tryin' to convince
Malalabar 6 months ago
Still upset that Japan lost the war I guess.
Daijinn 6 months ago
I have a good mate called Greg.........??
Kibei 6 months ago
Not one of these is by WLC
Mushura 5 months ago
What day is your conceptionday?

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