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529 05:109 months ago

"the earliest ones were set down nearly 3500 years ago"

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Daigal 9 months ago
typical lying libtards, never changes.
Vudozahn 9 months ago
Dirn 8 months ago
I don?t know, just for fun. Can you?
Shaktikora 8 months ago
nice nickname i like this gif of her :P
Tejas 8 months ago
I love you too.
Arashizil 8 months ago
Now truthfulness is paranoia to the left paranoid.
Meztilkree 8 months ago
How to answer a fool? I did.
Gardarisar 8 months ago
Your leaving the sight
Meztihn 8 months ago
Total bullshit ? Not a surprise .
Nigul 7 months ago
If not all receive the offer, why not?
Yogrel 7 months ago
U r drunk N txt ing R u am
Mauhn 7 months ago
Lol I?m sorry you experienced that!
Nazragore 7 months ago
Edited. Answering to the wrong person, sorry.
Akishura 7 months ago
Actually that one CAN be and IS named.
Akinosar 6 months ago
OK . Let's walk through this one last time...
Kazijar 6 months ago
So 20th century. we are supposed to progress remember?
Mazur 6 months ago
Very true. I?ve always thought it could
Goltilkis 6 months ago
The Church of Christ.
Arashimuro 5 months ago
Always try two for
Dairan 5 months ago
Do you have a Wendy's?
Tojanos 5 months ago
You write 'brave and 'dare'.
Kajilmaran 5 months ago
911 should block her phone number.
Kikora 5 months ago
Thanks much again Jesse!
Nagul 4 months ago
Oh yeah, you know it.
Gozshura 4 months ago
Just in my feelings
Nile 4 months ago
I was asTed Cruz supporter as well.
Akinomuro 4 months ago
Everything seems in order here.

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