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Eat At Taco Bell For Every Meal And We'll Accurately Guess Your Hair Color

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Zulkiran 7 months ago
Shitlery should be punished once and for all!
Douzil 7 months ago
But I don't wanna find any Lol
Bajind 7 months ago
Ladiamonesha. African word for welfare
Kazragrel 6 months ago
Then you will go to jail probably.
Taujin 6 months ago
This is not a Constitutional issue.
Shakazil 6 months ago
Another day, another violent leftist.
Brazil 6 months ago
There's an owl in here.
Gulabar 6 months ago
I look at Reddit.
Faesho 5 months ago
Ok, April. Let's change the narrative here.
Bazragore 5 months ago
It's all I needed.
Maudal 5 months ago
and can't be measured only through the value stolen
Kiganris 5 months ago
Then do tell us what you're talking about.
Domuro 4 months ago
Of course ........ and make many different shapes
Akijinn 4 months ago
Are you using disqus on pc or lapi?
Kik 4 months ago
Yet Americans are thriving and less are dying.
Tenris 4 months ago
Then you shouldn't Mind when it's questioned then.
Nalabar 4 months ago
he looks mentally dispossessed
Taukora 3 months ago
an example of some of your comments:
Mooguzshura 3 months ago
Little silly but its about time.
Meztibar 3 months ago
Your "source" is hiding behind a paywall.
Zulkilabar 3 months ago
What say? Speak up.
Zulujas 3 months ago
no god ever explained why SS intercourse is wrong.
Kazraramar 3 months ago
Learn to LIE, you shame satan.
Megar 3 months ago
Why do you think its wrong?
Fekasa 2 months ago
I'm not so sure you got the joke either.
Akinogore 2 months ago
You refer to slavery as your heritage .
Zutilar 2 months ago
So why did God create him?
Faegis 2 months ago
IKR? Monkeys just love to jump.

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