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But I've seen good single parents. And sometimes divorce is the better option than continued marriage in a broken home.

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Brakora 8 months ago
Your concept of magical is poorly thought through.
Kagrel 8 months ago
Interesting... not surprising. Offer money, people are in.
Kajishicage 8 months ago
Alright Ms. Lady lol, don't get fancy
Daishakar 8 months ago
16 minutes for me.
Goltisar 8 months ago
Playing music...that's what always does it. ;)
Zugis 7 months ago
Three people, hundreds of years, they somehow worked together?
Nashakar 7 months ago
I am on subject, lon.
Vit 7 months ago
Why.. are you afraid
Meztitaxe 7 months ago
It could definitely be worse... LOL
Kemuro 6 months ago
WHO??? Wrote a book!!????
Yozuru 6 months ago
lol free thinking hahahaha
Moogulrajas 6 months ago
they should do more investigation
Yonris 6 months ago
So. How YOU doin?
Vumuro 6 months ago
No, you?re wrong to assume that.
Shaktirg 6 months ago
The difference would be higher costs.
Vosho 6 months ago
hahaha .. really ??
Dijin 5 months ago
Goodnight everyone! It's 1AM I better go night night
Ketilar 5 months ago
I oppose the VAT.
Tujind 5 months ago
Det ar bra! ??????

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