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When the allegation is that it violates a person's religious freedom however, the balancing is a bit different, because the analysis allows discrimination based on religious the issue is how far that goes? Some religions would proscribe mixed-race marriages as well, how far is religious freedom allowed to intrude on other peoples lives?

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Mikajora 10 months ago
It is a fact.
Magul 10 months ago
Really? Where does the Bible say that?
Gumi 10 months ago
Toronto is terribly expensive. The average house is $800-900,000
Gura 10 months ago
Indeed! Look at those waistlines!
Samuzahn 10 months ago
Agreed. Government should intervene for all abortions.
Tezil 9 months ago
I've edited it in accordance with your hurt feelings.
Fauramar 9 months ago
This has nothing to do with freedom of speech.
Bralmaran 9 months ago
Exit,stage right, will you?

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