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355 07:073 months ago

It does seem a better forum , though the articles are not news articles or written by journalists.

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Goltilkis 3 months ago
in Waiting of night ......and you???
Golticage 3 months ago
I'm not making assertive statements about such things.
Kajijas 3 months ago
all you have is your head up your 'ASS'-umptions
Nikokazahn 2 months ago
Another wall of nothing.
Vibei 2 months ago
Some of them were homosexuals. What is your point?
Yozshujinn 2 months ago
Rwd. That is exactly correct,
Brajas 2 months ago
Virtue signalling: The conspicuous expression of moral values.
Kashakar 2 months ago
That same chart was used to show Biblical contractions:
Fauzshura 2 months ago
What?s all this fighting?!
Shaktik 2 months ago
File an FOIA request about it.
Dishicage 1 month ago
It?s how it got that way.
Goltisho 1 month ago
Well, there you go. We agree on something. :)
Kasar 1 month ago
They get those as well. Lol.
Gojas 1 month ago
Upvotes mean everything to me lol ;D
Tojinn 1 month ago
I think the tweet makes a fair point.
Teshicage 3 weeks ago
I?m afraid you are nuts.
Vudokasa 3 weeks ago
Reading your definition, I think free will cannot exist.
Mum 2 weeks ago
You have been talking to GL too much.
Godal 1 week ago
I want to read it. Hope it shows up.
Tarn 1 week ago
He deleted it :(((

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