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704 06:1310 months ago

The comments on political leanings would be an example of biased thinking...not the comment referring to how a community reacts - or anticipates - to a potential backlash. a fact - not an opinion.

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Zulunos 10 months ago
Came just in time, look at them cheeks!
Vigor 10 months ago
There is a difference in strengths of vinegar.
Dogore 10 months ago
"the hostility whipped up by Trump"
Mezshura 10 months ago
Here is a sample of the cards:
Tygoshura 10 months ago
I have judged arguments as good.
Yozshushicage 9 months ago
An immature child looking for approval from adults.
Akinomi 9 months ago
training an familiarity, it becomes like and old friend...
Faucage 9 months ago
I can see you are truly obsessed. Lol!
Mit 8 months ago
Well presented and truthful representation of a complex history.
Akinoramar 8 months ago
Good to see ya Mr Pancakes!!
Arashizragore 8 months ago
God didn't request a male gender,
Zulkikazahn 8 months ago
I've actually told you before. I'm the Director of...
Metilar 7 months ago
No, that was attempted comprehension
Maunos 7 months ago
I got the point, but unfortunately you missed mine.
Judal 7 months ago
Oh no? Did you ask them out often?
Gokinos 7 months ago
Came to visit his sister at work???
Bagrel 6 months ago
much ado about a problem that was going away.
Arazuru 6 months ago
Ok.. I do both

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