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John, you are too bright of a guy not to have done the reading on this subject, and I am sure you know why the soft tissue was found in T Rex bones. Mary Schweitzer, who found the first bones, is a Molecular Paleontologist at UNC, and has done considerable research on the subject and was interviewed for a Live Science article, and fully explains how the soft tissue was formed in 66 million year old fossilized bones.(Live Science, Stephanie Pappas)

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Taudal 10 months ago
And how is it?
Akinoktilar 10 months ago
Gibberish from a first rate loon.
Basho 10 months ago
Yep, fired from their jobs.
Mikajind 10 months ago
Why would Democrats do that?
Mishura 10 months ago
Anyone who puts too much stock in labels.
Gajar 9 months ago
I have made no conclusion about you.
Bragis 9 months ago
Haha my drive is fun
Vudokinos 9 months ago
I paid into your retirement, too.
Doushicage 9 months ago
Google translates your name as bondage or captive .
Kagataur 8 months ago
It's never okay to hit a woman...until it is.
JoJocage 8 months ago
That's because they "write", not "writes".
Kazihn 8 months ago
We all have our own differences
Meztihn 8 months ago
preachers, wars, Crusades, spread of influence.
Mikaramar 8 months ago
your issue is with the S A justice system,
Gotaur 7 months ago
Some people get to have all the fun.
Fetaur 7 months ago
Take a look at this creepy Bert
Gardagal 7 months ago
Personally, I wouldn't celebrate slavery as heritage at all.
Dazshura 7 months ago
Misapplying science, how embarrassing.
Meztikree 7 months ago
The One True Faith.

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