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474 03:553 months ago

Well, the problem is not as simple as you have proposed despite your enthusiastic support for Craig who is a religious apologist much more than he is a philosopher, though that is another topic in itself.

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Mazutaur 3 months ago
Right? I'm lucky to get one in
Kigataur 3 months ago
Inbred? Why are you describing how you were born?
Tygoktilar 3 months ago
That's your attitude and belief buddy.
Tojajind 3 months ago
what do you mean?
Kagall 3 months ago
A Qur'aanite Muslim? Right?
Gubar 2 months ago
Your double standards are the death of civilized society.
Tygolar 2 months ago
Oops. False alarm. ;)
Faebei 2 months ago
Probably the one with Johnny Depp.
Samunris 2 months ago
Johanon is special. He's proud of his ignorance.
Tukinos 2 months ago
Carry on and enjoy.
Kazira 1 month ago
He doesn't respond well to questions.
Golticage 1 month ago
there is not enough alcohol on this planet!
Votaxe 1 month ago
P.S. Can you R&I? Thxs.
Mezirn 1 month ago
Does this make her The Holy Mother?

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