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You are pro abortion. You endorse the ending of life

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Yoramar 6 months ago
How long has that doll been smoking?!
Mezirisar 6 months ago
Race riot? When & where?
Fauzshura 6 months ago
Well said and clearly put....
Dogar 5 months ago
This was a fun thread
Mezisho 5 months ago
Q tip? that?s hilarious
Aragore 5 months ago
Or better yet, don't post this tripe at all.
Mezijora 5 months ago
It is, of course.
Samubar 5 months ago
The paperless future....until glaring errors and/or fraud appears.
Akinogore 4 months ago
You just aren?t presenting anything of value to discuss.
Golrajas 4 months ago
...Does this garbage bag make me look fat?
Goltigul 4 months ago
Comments like that won't re-elect the Conservatives...
Nisida 3 months ago
Can believers grow a real God?
Zulrajas 3 months ago
I honestly thought you were kidding.
Bar 3 months ago
That's not how Paul looked at it.
Dugul 3 months ago
Hell nah. I ain?t no cuck
Nibei 3 months ago
I mean...I love my beer butt...??
Nikoshakar 3 months ago
The article was written by two Canadians.
Shaktizil 3 months ago
Who's puffed up now?
Banos 2 months ago
Are you a Poe?
Ganris 2 months ago
Ok fooled me...Yep I need to get out more.
Kagabei 2 months ago
Capitalists know only one color, green.
Goltilmaran 2 months ago
Quite correct. And you say?
Nikolrajas 1 month ago
It all started with Fantasy Football.
Nikozragore 1 month ago
Nope. Fully agree with you.
Vodal 1 month ago
Well...she is UNIVERSITY there's one excuse! ;-)
Akir 1 month ago
Why do you hate Capitalism???
Voodoocage 3 weeks ago
Who was helping Mark?
Damuro 3 weeks ago
No one. Are you really this ignorant?

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