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678 06:4211 months ago

The big govt of socialism? You mean like in France, Japan, UK, NZ, Israel, Germany, right? Those are demosocialist societies, and their people are doing better than the people of the U$A saddled with corporate hegemony, trickle-down nonsense and assorted Reaganomics corporate-kissing nonsense.

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Nashakar 11 months ago
Seems like another world, thank you for posting OP
Fejar 11 months ago
Ya sure you do.
Vudogar 11 months ago
Nothing false about what they want. A better life.
Kell 11 months ago
Nope. Others are perfect. A witness of God.
Got 11 months ago
I agree very much with your response!
Faukinos 10 months ago
Not the ones responsible for the Holocaust.
Taran 10 months ago
For 2 days, Octavius Catto is stopping his ears.
Tygokree 10 months ago
Careful. He's not worth it.
Mezisida 10 months ago
I did very well in school.
Akinozil 10 months ago
she did it look above
Meztik 10 months ago
Is that the scripture that you're hanging on to?
Shajin 10 months ago
Her 15 minutes are not up yet?
Meztilkree 9 months ago
Not mixing up a thing.
Brakasa 9 months ago
We love Candace Owens
Gugore 9 months ago
Cripey sake! Eyes abound!! :D:D
Kagazil 9 months ago
Maybe if they tried LSD.
Kigakinos 9 months ago
I was on World Star.
Yotaxe 8 months ago
Thanks young lad! You aint so bad yourself.
Groll 8 months ago
Thank you too sir
Kigat 8 months ago
Yet you are the child here.
Kigazahn 8 months ago
It's only unfair in your head.
Tazuru 8 months ago
My sisters love coconut

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