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684 06:0811 months ago

If by eyes wide shut you mean not indoctrinated, yes, I agree.

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Mulabar 11 months ago
If you wernt spoken for...n..such..https://
Tahn 11 months ago
How would it benefit him?
Mugar 10 months ago
Guess who needs to brush up on his Bible!
Meztidal 10 months ago
And Clinton did not.
Aragore 10 months ago
Love has degree and context.
Daigrel 10 months ago
Treason Twins. Tweedledee & Tweedledum.
Fauk 9 months ago
OMG. Do you live under a ROCK.
Shakagul 9 months ago
They'd kill each other.
Tur 9 months ago
There's another claim you make without proof.
Negul 9 months ago
Children matter more than guns.
Fetilar 9 months ago
It?s probably too long!
Moogum 8 months ago
We'd be a lot safer.
Maunos 8 months ago
Bart? Surely you jest?
Moogular 8 months ago
Hey Bells how are you today
Vumi 8 months ago
Wait a minute it ain't the 60's??
Grot 8 months ago
Potted plants on verandah ? ?
Nejin 8 months ago
Neither does Midwest white trash.
Vudozil 8 months ago
You're proving the D-K effect.
Mukus 7 months ago
Lol, I'm pretty sure she was a carpet muncher.
Zololl 7 months ago
No, this is false.there's too much detail.
Maran 7 months ago
I wish you well!!
Mazragore 7 months ago
Well, "Mince me maggots," From The BFG
Najin 7 months ago
That one is a nice one
Akikazahn 6 months ago
Who is Barry Manilow???

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