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684 06:089 months ago

If by eyes wide shut you mean not indoctrinated, yes, I agree.

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Mulabar 9 months ago
If you wernt spoken for...n..such..https://
Tahn 9 months ago
How would it benefit him?
Mugar 8 months ago
Guess who needs to brush up on his Bible!
Meztidal 8 months ago
And Clinton did not.
Aragore 8 months ago
Love has degree and context.
Daigrel 8 months ago
Treason Twins. Tweedledee & Tweedledum.
Fauk 7 months ago
OMG. Do you live under a ROCK.
Shakagul 7 months ago
They'd kill each other.
Tur 7 months ago
There's another claim you make without proof.
Negul 7 months ago
Children matter more than guns.
Fetilar 7 months ago
It?s probably too long!
Moogum 6 months ago
We'd be a lot safer.
Maunos 6 months ago
Bart? Surely you jest?
Moogular 6 months ago
Hey Bells how are you today
Vumi 6 months ago
Wait a minute it ain't the 60's??
Grot 6 months ago
Potted plants on verandah ? ?
Nejin 6 months ago
Neither does Midwest white trash.
Vudozil 6 months ago
You're proving the D-K effect.
Mukus 6 months ago
Lol, I'm pretty sure she was a carpet muncher.
Zololl 5 months ago
No, this is false.there's too much detail.
Maran 5 months ago
I wish you well!!
Mazragore 5 months ago
Well, "Mince me maggots," From The BFG
Najin 5 months ago
That one is a nice one
Akikazahn 4 months ago
Who is Barry Manilow???

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