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Sure. According to archeological evidence, people have been living in Nigeria since the first days of mankind. Skipping some of the original nomadic tribes (of which I know very little), the Hausa people were the first major civilization of the land. Google Bayajidda, or Sarki mythology, if you're interested in their beliefs.

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Shalar 11 months ago
And I go girl!!
Tojataxe 11 months ago
Cooters are gullible dimwits.
Daigar 11 months ago
Hey moron it was a scientist from.
Gardazshura 11 months ago
Sloppy thinking is bad for you.
Kazratilar 10 months ago
She will shoot you if you get sexist.
Dailmaran 10 months ago
What context are you using it in?
Kijar 10 months ago
To quote Kandi from "2.5 Men"; SAWEET!
Samubar 10 months ago
Once again Whitey saves the day.
Kazragore 10 months ago
You couldn?t explain any of that if you tried.
Fenrirg 10 months ago
I thought I smelled semen.
Gulkree 10 months ago
Truth is always disgusting to a fool.
Vudogis 10 months ago
Maybe you didn't read the definition completely.

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