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Your account has been closed, due to teh absence of any credible input. Please get your Mum to be in touch so we can sort things out with her. Adults only I'm afraid.

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Kajin 9 months ago
Maybe the legs are a man too.
Jukora 9 months ago
Brought you a Seabiscuit.
Zulujin 9 months ago
I'm speaking about adult men and women now.
Goltigar 9 months ago
Me thinks so 2. ? ? ?
Kagale 9 months ago
No politics Mr Pancakes,asked where are. Ya from
Zulkikree 9 months ago
I agree with you and I am atheist.
Vudojora 8 months ago
Haven't you ever heard of the demon drink? ;)
Karamar 8 months ago
not in churches it isn't.
Malasho 8 months ago
"Russia is fundamentally structured as a multi-party representative democracy."
Shajar 8 months ago
Well you lack rational analytical skills, apparently.
Doramar 8 months ago
I don't remember that.
Brazil 7 months ago
I don't have that philosophy.
Moogujar 7 months ago
Isn't that already the creed of america?
Gardak 7 months ago
they make life fun
Dosar 7 months ago
That is part of defending him to yourself.
Mazulmaran 6 months ago
No, your point fell flat. I didn't
Muzahn 6 months ago
yeah, a little bit modified:
Dugrel 6 months ago
Have you considered flying?
Yozshujinn 6 months ago
Here is your statement:

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