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220 08:1211 months ago

Making India a success is a great idea. It is much easier said than done. The caste system stands in the way of success & most people are too set in their ways to change. It will take years for India to become an industrial nation. Indians in Africa & Fiji are prosperous but they haven't done anything to help the indigenous people there.

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Samusida 11 months ago
Thanks so much for all the links.
Fautaur 11 months ago
Norton? Give us the Lodge secret handshake first.
Teramar 11 months ago
I think you make a lot of valid points!!!
Yogis 10 months ago
So all corporations ARE evil?
Zuluzuru 10 months ago
:O I like him even more now!!!
Nikus 10 months ago
A sense of humour.
Mimi 10 months ago
Stop it all you people,I'm gonna piss myself,HAHAHAHAHA
Salrajas 9 months ago
No, I understand what you mean. I don't think
Kera 9 months ago
You talking about your society in India?
Toshakar 9 months ago
????????hahaha my lovely Campaigner ??????
Arashirr 9 months ago
ok I change my mind. Please calm down now.
Kajik 9 months ago
Don't Fish Breath underwater?

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