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869 09:277 months ago

We go downtown quite often. And walk to the pub.

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Kazigami 7 months ago
More power to you.
Faekasa 7 months ago
Honestly who gives a f---k how others have sex?
Voodoozshura 7 months ago
Worthless, but still replying and posting.
Mutaxe 6 months ago
Why? and How? And be specific please.
Shakatilar 6 months ago
LOL.what is this supposed to prove?
Faular 6 months ago
That kind of changes things.
Shaktizragore 6 months ago
Where does it say they crossed the boarder legally?
Nezilkree 6 months ago
Nobody reads your stupid ALL CAPS comments
Samuran 6 months ago
Your only hope is Paul's Gospel: 1 Corinthians 15:1-4
Tojaramar 6 months ago
I control more of the world than your god.
Faujinn 6 months ago
You made a claim. You cannot support said claim.
Vunris 6 months ago
Holding who hostage? How?
Doulkree 6 months ago
just the full time anti everybody full time activists.
Shakazuru 5 months ago
Oh stop it Greeny you are making me blush.
Kagak 5 months ago
no silly he APPROVED it and used it .
Tojak 5 months ago
Maybe you can explain why a mod up-voted it.

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