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211 02:016 months ago

Regardless of belief, there?s no reason to belittle or mischaracterize Him. It reveals an inner bitterness that you?re carrying around.

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Vudozahn 6 months ago
You can say that again!!
Meztirr 6 months ago
Hope you do! TTYL
Najora 5 months ago
A Christian baker who hates gays?
Fenrigul 5 months ago
From how many thousand feet up?
Kektilar 5 months ago
Good James thank you and you??
Fegore 5 months ago
I couldn't have stated it better.
Gardagis 5 months ago
Rhetorical questions don't require answers.
Malalmaran 4 months ago
A Christian under wraps?
Zulkilkree 4 months ago
wake up. I pray God opens your eyes.
Voodoogore 4 months ago
Why couldn't he chase her down? She's 11.
Nikazahn 4 months ago
Scientologists are not Christians.
Daishakar 4 months ago
Pour acid on their genitalia first.
Akiran 3 months ago
Let me look in your second drawer?
Gocage 3 months ago
Rofl ! Well played

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