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871 07:0411 months ago

Yes, up in the tussock of Mt Buster sometimes last year.

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Zulkikora 11 months ago
That is very good
Kem 11 months ago
Thanks for sharing, Jonathan.
Meztimi 11 months ago
"This one is Gerry's fave!"
Faugar 11 months ago
Is that how you read what's happening?
Yokree 10 months ago
could it be because its fun
Zulkishicage 10 months ago
Don't you think so?For new ppl?
Mooguhn 10 months ago
Admirable. Then you?re probably not a cannibal. That?s encouraging.
Kekus 10 months ago
President Trump IS easy to dislike huh.
Akiramar 10 months ago
There is more than one covenant
Taugul 10 months ago
damn! he is one of the worst. :(
Shakabar 9 months ago
Wowwww her voice is insane!! So powerful.
Guzil 9 months ago
Gimme a bear hug!
Tujinn 9 months ago
The right does speak the facts and actual knowledge.
Feramar 9 months ago
Don?t take my word for it.
Dogar 8 months ago
Glad I can help
Yogar 8 months ago
Yes, and never Islam left peacefully.
Arall 8 months ago
Can't go wrong with spicy mustard, either....
Kikasa 8 months ago
Pantheist 4 USA
Grogis 8 months ago
Actually it does and that's why they do it.
Kilmaran 8 months ago
Was i invited to play?
Kazrajin 7 months ago
I agree. The O's certainly have the runs...
Duzuru 7 months ago
Do you actually read the comments!
Maudal 7 months ago
Abortions are great, aren't they?
Mojora 7 months ago
That's mighty inspirational actually.
Malabei 7 months ago
You are an ignorant troll
Julkree 7 months ago
Which brings us back to your invincible disbelief.
Terg 7 months ago
Where did u get shot?
Mocage 6 months ago
The error is in the bible.
Tunris 6 months ago
Who?s this cutie pie?
Kamuro 6 months ago
This person loves the Originals TV series.

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