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56 16:058 months ago

False comparisons are your issue, visit Harlem whenever you need a rude awakening, perhaps it will improve your intelligence.

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Moogule 8 months ago
And then as Adult they will be Just Good.
Tozshura 8 months ago
"Inside" the government. Stop being so obtuse.
Kigalabar 8 months ago
It's coming out...Oh...You mean my day?...Doing good!...How are you?
Akijar 8 months ago
It definitely is :p
Gogami 7 months ago
I'd take your class
Akizilkree 7 months ago
Okay ..may be later??
Dule 7 months ago
But non-words aren't. Nice try.
Mikree 7 months ago
I won't vote, because it's rotten anyway.
Faejora 7 months ago
Imho she does it for tax reasons.
Mazugar 7 months ago
not a word we use in the US
Akikasa 6 months ago
Unless you're trying for a Darwin Award!
Mikara 6 months ago
Why, are you threatening them?
Gale 6 months ago
Or at least the stories told about him.
Shakajas 6 months ago
I'm not a true atheist, according to you.
Faejas 6 months ago
Seems you missed that part.
Yoll 6 months ago
Sorry. I've answered your question so quit lying.
Kazrajora 6 months ago
You look very much like a troll.
Nijar 6 months ago
Fvck bro... a little warning please ????????????
Arakinos 6 months ago
Hey Mr shy guy why don't you introduce yourself.
Zugis 5 months ago
TBH I thought they folded already
Felkree 5 months ago
Occasionally...I like being all goofy now and then. :)
Dijin 5 months ago
I'm not biting on your sheets or underwear...
Mezigul 5 months ago
Nope you will enjoy floating????
Darn 5 months ago
Oh cool.. what you like to watch most
Dihn 5 months ago
They can't test anything prior to the Big Bang
Nizragore 5 months ago
Please reread Genesis more carefully
Tejind 4 months ago
Will that show me God's Wife?
Gardalrajas 4 months ago
Woot woot ??????. Sent you a song girl ??
Zushakar 4 months ago
Yeah, cause I?m your favorite.

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