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56 16:0511 months ago

False comparisons are your issue, visit Harlem whenever you need a rude awakening, perhaps it will improve your intelligence.

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Moogule 10 months ago
And then as Adult they will be Just Good.
Tozshura 10 months ago
"Inside" the government. Stop being so obtuse.
Kigalabar 10 months ago
It's coming out...Oh...You mean my day?...Doing good!...How are you?
Akijar 10 months ago
It definitely is :p
Gogami 10 months ago
I'd take your class
Akizilkree 10 months ago
Okay ..may be later??
Dule 10 months ago
But non-words aren't. Nice try.
Mikree 9 months ago
I won't vote, because it's rotten anyway.
Faejora 9 months ago
Imho she does it for tax reasons.
Mazugar 9 months ago
not a word we use in the US
Akikasa 9 months ago
Unless you're trying for a Darwin Award!
Mikara 9 months ago
Why, are you threatening them?
Gale 9 months ago
Or at least the stories told about him.
Shakajas 9 months ago
I'm not a true atheist, according to you.
Faejas 8 months ago
Seems you missed that part.
Yoll 8 months ago
Sorry. I've answered your question so quit lying.
Kazrajora 8 months ago
You look very much like a troll.
Nijar 8 months ago
Fvck bro... a little warning please ????????????
Arakinos 8 months ago
Hey Mr shy guy why don't you introduce yourself.
Zugis 7 months ago
TBH I thought they folded already
Felkree 7 months ago
Occasionally...I like being all goofy now and then. :)
Dijin 7 months ago
I'm not biting on your sheets or underwear...
Mezigul 7 months ago
Nope you will enjoy floating????
Darn 7 months ago
Oh cool.. what you like to watch most
Dihn 7 months ago
They can't test anything prior to the Big Bang
Nizragore 7 months ago
Please reread Genesis more carefully
Tejind 7 months ago
Will that show me God's Wife?
Gardalrajas 7 months ago
Woot woot ??????. Sent you a song girl ??
Zushakar 7 months ago
Yeah, cause I?m your favorite.

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