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That marriage is defined in the dictionary. You asked where it's defined. It's defined in the dictionary. But if you want another definition: Marriage is chiefly regulated by the states. In 1996, President Clinton signed into law the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which, for federal purposes, defined marriage as only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife. (1 U.S.C. Subsection 7)

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Kami 10 months ago
Are you gay, maybe?
Sharamar 10 months ago
And he's the goodest of boys too, I'd bet.
Dojas 10 months ago
Thank you. I am in Poland.
Arashilar 9 months ago
As a point of theology, they HAVE to perish.
Votaxe 9 months ago
I was very impressed with this
Goltishura 9 months ago
Imagine being dumped by two friends ??
Gukazahn 9 months ago
I have never been able to resist hyperbole!
Digore 9 months ago
Omg NEBULA!!! Yassss! I love her!
Mezikree 9 months ago
Read the previous reply.
Tojashura 8 months ago
Thank you for sharing that.
Magar 8 months ago
Anyway, I had no idea you visited here before
Shaktikree 8 months ago just have no clue about literature.
Duzilkree 7 months ago
Aisha's date of birth was probably 606
Sharan 7 months ago
Thanks! Religionism sounds like a good description.
Nasida 7 months ago
Haha .ya dog . .your name suits you .
Tall 7 months ago
Duly noted I wish you well.
Kajizahn 7 months ago
You?re most welcome, and thank you. :)
Mazuzahn 7 months ago
Good Morning Dear........have a nice day
Samulabar 7 months ago
I don?t have a religion.

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