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457 22:075 months ago

I never gave credits at the end. Mrs. Yaboo did a couple voices. Yaboo's sister did one or two. And a very good friend of Yaboo did the male voices. I was WONDERING if anybody was going to mention the line about , "If Detroiters could speak English, we could open up some call centers". Nobody seemed to like that line. LOL

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Mitaxe 5 months ago
He has, very much so.
Mezticage 5 months ago
I think I hear crickets.
Jujin 4 months ago
There is no way to reliably test supernatural claims.
Votaur 4 months ago
And what is your point in all of that?
Yozshunos 4 months ago
What exactly are public guidelines?
Goltisar 4 months ago
Yup. And only cost us taxpayers $300,000.
Vigrel 4 months ago
why would the payment be refused..?
Kazigal 4 months ago
vancouver is best known for it's strip clubs.
Samut 3 months ago
Not guilty by reason of mental defect. :)
Mazushura 3 months ago
Well it's mainly Dem shooting Dems...
Vomuro 3 months ago
Then help us both.provide clear answers to the following:
Dozuru 3 months ago
the ?disrespect? the players have shown.
Shakagul 2 months ago
why am i working???
Mooguzuru 2 months ago
Only if you cherry pick.
Mezigar 2 months ago
You're a menace to Arab society sir/
Kigabar 2 months ago
Good. deport the deadbeats
Mokinos 2 months ago
November is going to be a bloodbath. Can't wait!
Nikolabar 1 month ago
Yes, a human birth is a miracle.
Sarr 1 month ago
You?re a defender. You defend your loved ones :)
Moogurr 1 month ago
Combusting at "c" unsquared...
Mikazilkree 1 month ago
Nenshi has that earmarked for the Olympics.
Zulumuro 1 month ago
when she was on bail,she credited mich...
Kanos 4 weeks ago
He. He is the Doctor.
Sacage 2 weeks ago
More off topic trolling?

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