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832 03:086 months ago

"Trump" doesn't even belong in the same sentence as "innocent". That man has at least committed a dozen crimes.

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Akinolrajas 6 months ago
Or how about something that isn't hateful, but informative?
Zuluzshura 6 months ago
I'd be happy to let your incoherence go.
Daibei 6 months ago
Someone doesn't die. A pregnancy is halted. That's it.
Maura 6 months ago
Oooh, I skipped lunch.
Faesho 5 months ago
I'm not so believing the innocent thing :-)
Meztiran 5 months ago
You couldn?t explain any of that if you tried.
Jular 5 months ago
There's a cliff on the other side, too.
Faulabar 5 months ago
Please help me understand that.
Yozshutaur 5 months ago
Ok. Your declaration is invalid. Better?
Moogujar 5 months ago
this prick got 18% of a poll in California?
Mall 4 months ago
"Japan doesn?t accept migrants."
Juktilar 4 months ago
P0rn business is a mystery to me too ????????
Zulut 4 months ago
We get paid on the numbers no??
Gardabar 4 months ago
Keep your trolling up and find out.
Mikagar 3 months ago
Mine too...but there is more time to run.
Migal 3 months ago
Lol funniest sketch on that show
Akinozragore 3 months ago
1 in 10 people hate the police
Gardalar 3 months ago
In my eyes thats attempted murder....your brother is lucky...
Meziramar 3 months ago
Except, no evidence of God or gods.
Yozshunris 3 months ago
Or about the pope either, it appears.
Nizil 3 months ago
Who were pre-modern day liberals led by?
Doshura 3 months ago
- What about the fact that
Voodoosar 2 months ago
I?m a Disney fan.
Shaktikazahn 2 months ago
She a no account white trash barbiedoll!
Tygozil 2 months ago
How so, in your opinion?
Zulujas 2 months ago
You're easily embarrassed, joshua.
Zulkiramar 2 months ago
...he claims without offering any evidence
Taukree 2 months ago
is this accompanied by trump derangement syndrome?
Kajijinn 1 month ago
Are you talking about the ladies on here

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