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I don?t pay a lot of attention to my upvote count. But I do try and give everyone participating upvotes, even if I don?t necessarily agree with them. It?s my way of acknowledging their comments. Sometimes there are too many comments to upvote them all and I have to stop or I?ll never get to say anything myself!

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Daisida 10 months ago
I rested my case, waiting for verdict jury out!
Kijind 10 months ago
Of the Constitution. Where our rights come from.
Tut 10 months ago
Do you have evidence to support this conjecture?
Marisar 10 months ago
Care to explain how to distinguish design from non-design?
Shalabar 9 months ago
what was the title of the Op on methane
Sashakar 9 months ago
Kazikora 9 months ago
Cant come up with some movie, help please?
Vokasa 9 months ago
You are a genius
Akinosho 9 months ago
You are so cute ??
Nikozahn 9 months ago
thanks for mansplaining what women think.
Vudozahn 8 months ago
I probably need some couch time.
Migul 8 months ago
I apologize for hurting your feelings.
Fenrizragore 8 months ago
No princess peach ?
Kigagis 8 months ago
Greatest by what metric(s)?
Kirisar 8 months ago
We re all sinners..
Kazill 8 months ago
And all the righties say illegals are ineligible... hmmm
Dalkree 7 months ago
You can't. That's just your excuse.
Tezuru 7 months ago
The rest of Islam does not.
Kazrajinn 7 months ago
Wtf......? How do you get
Shakagis 7 months ago
oh humans are so messy....

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