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333 06:014 months ago

I went back to some old university texts and it appears that this is the inflation that comes when a nation borrows money for big tax breaks for the wealthy and cannot pay it's bills.

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Ganris 4 months ago
Make a guess :)
Tygogore 3 months ago
A guy sold me a house with the address:
Meztizahn 3 months ago
He doesnt care about his son.
Zulut 3 months ago
Branris 3 months ago
fortunately, Trudeau's intelligence is less than a mannequin's.
Tugore 3 months ago
Your response was intellectually dishonest.
Daijind 2 months ago
Bronze Star (with valor)
Gohn 2 months ago
100 up votes for you sir!
Akinolrajas 2 months ago
He means strip Monopoly, JNC. Don't fall for it.
Nesida 2 months ago
They are not wrong
Mujar 2 months ago
OK Kenny. How is your mom today?
Zulkimuro 1 month ago
so close, good attempt at least
Gagar 1 month ago
But...the margaritas, they won't drink themselves!
Fekora 1 month ago
?Took a lot of courage.?
Mazusho 1 month ago
I hope you find justice, I wish you well
Fet 1 month ago
I work as a engineer
Goll 3 weeks ago
Haven't read and proud of it?
Maushakar 2 weeks ago
No rights are denied.
Kimuro 1 week ago
More personal opinions, I see.

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